Session topics


The speakers selected for this session will dig into the key characteristics of conditions and technologies of seed preparation and extraction processes, to provide the audience with the why and how of them. With enthusiastic speakers to explain their knowledge of the subject they will cover the characteristics of the processes and technologies of preparation and extraction, considering special topics in efficiency, quality and safety. This session will be very attractive for our audiences given the importance of the oil extraction business in the area.

Functionality in Food

In this session, the presenters will discuss the mechanism of fat crystallization as well as their structuring by alternative routes such as gels, emulsions and foams. It includes phase transitions, rheology and structure formation, the role of fat selection, and effect of food processing on product structuring for confectionery, bakery, margarines etc. in where is important to achieve organoleptic and textural attributes with low trans and saturated levels. As well as the implication and use of fats when subjected to different processes (interesterification and fractionation) and its food application.

Health and Nutrition

The purpose of this session is to introduce research relevant to the broad field of lipid metabolism and health. Studies of interest cover all aspects of experimental nutrition, physiology and biochemistry in humans and animals, as well as studies enlightening the mechanisms of lipid physiology in human health. The session covers in addition, original researches and literature overview of bioactive lipids, their metabolic functions and applications in human health and wellness.

Non-food Applications

This session will focus on process technology, innovation, products and applications that are not directly related to the food segment, like biodiesel, feed additives, oleochemicals and green chemistry among others.

Oils and Fats in Personal Care Products – Performance and Sensory Benefits

The session will focus on the performance, sensory benefits and sensory evaluation of personal care products containing natural oils and oil-derived ingredients. Topics will include new findings and benefits of oil-derived ingredients for skin and hair.

Process and Refining

This is one of the most anticipated sessions year after year. Clearly, all the efforts of the oil processors are focus on reducing operating expenses, increasing the margin, improving the quality of the oil and valuing byproducts. In this session, speakers will focus on the above topics but will add subjects related to efficiency and security that are also key pieces in the value chain. The speakers will also present new technological advances (equipment and software), with topics that cover the entire edible oil processing chain.

Quality Control and Analytical Techniques

The session will provide updates on the status of the novel analytical techniques such as high-resolution mass spectrometry, Ultra High Performance Liquid Chromatography and multidimensional techniques that allow the achievement of innovative discoveries. This session includes analytical techniques for monitoring lipid oxidation and will discuss the correlation between stability of food and sensory/analytical evaluation, to assess the product authenticity, tractability, and quality. Likewise, the analysis of trace contaminants including processing contaminants in fats and oils as MCPD and glycidyl esters and may include topics related to analytical methodologies for sample analysis, occurrence of contaminants and potential impacts of processing on contaminant formation.

Surfactants in Personal/Home Care Products – Challenges, Opportunities and Future Trends

Speakers will address various opportunities and trends related to biosurfactants in HPC products, fast rinsing detergents and technologies, mildness in home care products – beyond cleaning, and high-performance surfactants for cleaning and mildness. Challenges and solutions will be discussed.

Sustainability – Plant Derived and Plant Based Ingredients for Cosmetics and Home Care Products

This session will investigate the challenges and future trends of “green” and natural-based personal care and home care ingredients. Sustainability aspects of synthetic vs naturally derived ingredients for personal care and home care products will be addressed; including the life cycle analysis of personal/home care ingredients and final products.

Waste and Effluent Treatment in Oils and Fats, Soap and Detergent Industry

Vegetable oil and fat, soap and detergent industry is producing some solid waste or side stream like effluents that require some treatment before they can be either disposed or rejected in the environment. Some available technologies can give a good treatment to these wastes and some can even turn them into valuable stuffs. This session will provide a complete overview of proven and/or promising technologies capable to bring efficient and economical solution to deal with the increasing necessity for the industry to reduce its impact on the environment and take advantage of potential hidden value from their wastes.